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Winstanley Film

I’m just not paying you enough attention – I know! What can I say I’m busy. Done a lot of music, working on first Album (nearly there hopefully by the Summer) The Library Event which we did again bigger and better. That defiantly deserves a post of its own sometime. Also more commissions which is great! Just finished one an hour ago, and here’s one for a film about the Winstanley Estate which I recorded a song for. Haven’t seen it yet – let me know if it’s any good!!

loving this one at the moment + news

… just that really

great sound I won’t make comparisons -why can’t everyone be this good?

… also well you’re there I just got this e-mail:

Sherbet Dab is going to be on TV this Friday 9th February at 9pm. Then repeated the following week.

It will be on the channel “Together” (used to be The Community Channel)
– this is on Freeview 93, Sky 539, Virgin 269 and Freesat 164

So this will be around 60,000 to 100,000 more people will be watching their film!

I did the music for this film about London Cabbies – great to hear tele bought it!



The Library

The Library

A Listening Experiment


The Rules

Visitors are kindly reminded:
• Upon entrance to the ‘Library’ complete Silence will be Observed.
• Patrons may provide a yoga mat or similar upon which to sit or lie.
• Listeners may relax, close their eyes and entirely ignore performers.
• No Applause will be required between songs.
• Movement/dance though not encouraged is acceptable.
What is it?

An evening of Musical Entertainments:

with Performances by:

Sound artist Petri Huurinainen

vincent burke with faithful band

Rojhat gun

jonathan buckley

and Jawad Al-Nawab

The evenings entertainments will culminate in a performance of John Cages 4.33

followed by a Q and A and hot tea

Saturday evening, Jan. 27, 6-8pm at the Lido Pavilion
Arrive Promptly for Admission

‘The Library’ affords listeners the freedom not to talk, opening a space for genuine Listening.

‘The Library affords performers a space for presentations of uncompromised subtlety.

beneath the floor

Here’s a song I wrote a while ago



Click here for the Video: beneath the floor

I don’t want to say to much about what it’s all about – hopefully that’s clear enough and the lyrics are below.

The Arrangement was fun now I’ve got a new set-up I can bash harmony on and work pretty quickly.

Same thing with the Video which I did in one night smashing up

– Jan Švankmajer’s animation (1971)

zooming/cutting and re-ordering bits

it all fitted surprisingly well

so I let it out




first time you hit the ground

you fall and float without a sound

and it feels so good

you wanna shout out

it feels so good!

next time you want some more

you wanna get beneath the floor

and it feels so good

you wanna do it

it feels so good

no one talks about tomorrow

no one slaps your face with sorrow

no one tramples on your light and

no one talks about tomorrow

what you beg and who you borrow

no one cares about tomorrow

no one cares at all

next time you ask for more

you wanna shoot you wanna score

and it feels all right

and when you do it

it feels alright

next time you’re on the bed

you’ve got a puncture in your head

but you feel alright

you gotta do it to feel alright

no one talks about tomorrow

no one slaps your face with sorrow

no one tramples on your light and

you go to another place where

people move out into spaces

pyramids and broken water

fall out of the moon

no one talks about tomorrow

no one slaps your face with sorrow

no one tramples on your light and

no one told you about tomorrow

what you beg and who you borrow

no one walks into the mist and

disappears from view



Usually I inflict music on the world whether it’s actually wanted or not…

…Occasionally someone asks for some.  Which is interesting because I get sent off in a different direction musically.

Here for example is some music for a film on London Taxis.
I like to produce something that works as a whole piece of music, but I also need to hit certain moods; so here comes a jolly game!

See whether you can find these bits in the music

 (if you can’t one of us is rubbish).

Main Taxi Theme — Driving at Night — Going around in Circles — Build up of Traffic — Driving back home.

And why not watch some  DigitalWorks films here!

Late on Saturday night 2 weeks ago I got this amazing e-mail:

“We would love to invite you to play our stage, which will be recorded for later broadcast across one or more of the following BBC Radio Networks including BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC 6 Music and the 36 BBC Introducing local shows across the UK. We will have numerous presenters join us across the weekend to introduce all the acts onto stage including BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris, Lopa Kothari from Radio 3’s World on 3, Max Reinhardt from Radio 3’s the Late Junction and more.
BBC Introducing supports new musicians at the BBC and we have stages across the major festivals in the UK. We would be delighted if Vincent Burke could perform at our BBC Introducing stage at Latitude Festival in July.

Date: Saturday 16th July
Time: 1800
Stage: BBC Introducing’s Lavish Lounge, In the Woods
Set length: 25 mins”



Ok so 2 weeks later it’s announced, I’ve got the set together and had a haircut, so nerves aside, I’m ready to go!



Here’s a link to the stage with some stuff about me if you click on it:-)

Thanks for the friends who came round last night for a set preview and said nice things.  I’ll let you know how it went and if you do know anyone who’s going would be great to see them there, let them know! :-)







can I just explain?

‘Such a natural macrocosm of real life in a 3 minute pop song. Totally won me over with its unforced charm and restraint..’ M.J.Bennet


it’s brutal, but with jokes…
the idea is to catch something of the truth about what people say when things break up, not how it is in songs.


the film is all from old super 8 footage of weddings – it took ages – but I think it really works.  Throwing  rice looks appropriately violent slowed down,  and look out for  apples of temptation over the wedding car at the end…


can I just explain?

I don’t want to fight
i don’t want to do this tonight
it was just a fling
no it didn’t mean anything

you were acting like a stranger
turning your back in the dark
now this marriage is in danger
tell me we’re not falling apart

I was working late
I had those appointments to make
she let down her hair
I could feel the thrill in the air

you were acting like a stranger
I was alone in the dark
now this marriage is in danger
tell me we’re not falling apart

would you like some tea?
would you like to throw it at me?
do you feel the same?
maybe I won’t do it again

you were acting like a stranger
turning your back in the dark
now this marriage is in danger
tell me we’re not falling apart


– this may not sound like a song based on truth but it is. I must have been 19 or so and I would wait endlessly for her sitting on the university steps; and then not talk to her. eventually I did, but that’s another song…

I added some bits and pieces but really it’s a straight guitar vocal thing. The guitar is tuned down a bit because I wrote it late at night. Everyone was asleep so I was whispering and  the next day I realised it was too high for me – love it though – best thing I’ve written all year!

Britain has been at war somewhere around the world every year for 101 years. – we may not be seen as the peaceful people we think we are….

Thanks to Ecclesia for prompting me to update – let’s see if we can do better in 2016.

The Weekend Millionaires: An Oral History of the Thames Lightermen



‘The weekend Millionaires’ is a great film about the lives of the Lightermen who lived and worked on the Thames. Anyone who loves the Thames, will love it for the the stories and film footage of a changing river.

Researching for the film director Matthew Rosenberg found an anonymous poem which he asked me to set to music. After that I wrote a short instrumental piece to capture the sense of freedom kicking back on the boat after some hard physical work.

Enjoy the film!

On the same page Matthew has added a video of the song, and I’ve added the instrumental here too because I quite liked it: