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I’m not supposed to talk to you

in a break from banging on about the album:

here’s a thing I just wrote and recorded, and then did a video for singing at the computer  nice and quick (like it should be).  Actually there’s a lot you can do with a mac and one Halloween mask.

It’s a bit out of my usual zone (wherever that is) but I like it so maybe you will too –  Like I say I wrote it quick – like people I think songs are happiest when you let them take their own shape and stop bossing them around, and this one wanted to stretch it’s legs a bit.

Britney Spears has always been huge influence on me so here again you may note the reference to her ‘oops I did it again’ single from the year 2000 (that’s the bit at the end) and there’s a Shakespeare quote too ‘by the pricking of my thumbs’ by which I mean texting.

that’s probably enough wanna see the video?

…and if you want to download it’s here:

track 1: ready

Vince_CD_book_HIGH-2– this is me and my sister buried in the sand at bantham beach, devon quite a long time ago.

I thought ready made sense as track 1 – it’s quite fast and it starts with me very young

in a dream I used to have.

In the dream I’m on a swing; I swing forward and back as the frame gets bigger and bigger  until I’m sweeping forwards and back again over the roof of our house;

it keeps getting  bigger,

until I’m sweeping high up into clouds and down across whole counties.

I can feel the wind on my face and arms,

until I know I on the next downward sweep won’t be able to hang on any longer;

I grip tight to the chains but as I fly forward gripping, I’m catapulted away through the sky and …

I wake up.

well; I changed it to a bike but you get the idea, a boy wakes up in bed and wonders where he’s going…

the sound affects at the beginning are the bike running and taking flight away from the world. The rest is me looking around my room wondering what I will be, as the lights of cars sweep oblong shadows under my curtains and across the ceiling.

Actually the last time I ever had that dream,I fell from the sky and  bounced  into a big stack of hay

so that’s all right then; never had it again.

the track’s available via

or if you want the album with pictures and stuff,  e-mail me

next time track 2!



over here in the trees – the album cover explained…


well yes I did dig a hole – none of your photoshop fakery here.




then I got in it

various pop star poses were adopted



the artistic process was observed

IMG_7166it went on a while…


The idea came from a dream I had where I was walking round these suburban streets pointing out things like a big pot and telling a friend how everything was art (even asleep he’s pretentious).  I turned around and in this grass verge of a very normal front garden, a Spanish looking man was buried to the waist  standing;  as I watched two woman walked from behind and put a marriage veil over his head.

Obviously I woke up and thought that will do for the cover. The hand is held up to resemble the international sign of greeting (I kept my trousers on).



I chopped it up a bit to add a hint of dis-orientation and off-set that with a ‘learning to read’ primary school font in lower case, because it’s nice to look at new things like 7 year old does.

As for the title: ‘over here in the trees’ refers to my  finally drawing some attention to myself after all this time (and that joke with the punchline ‘over here on the swings’ – I’ll tell it to  you some time :-) )


he paid to have himself murdered – from the album ‘over here in the trees’

ah –  track 2 from the album ‘he paid to have himself murdered’


it’s not autobiographical

if you want it to download and can’t wait for the whole album it’s here!  he paid to have himself murdered

or if you want to see a dodgy and distracting video for the hard of hearing

(it’s not the youtube one – it’s different!)






between one thing and another

owing to some fairly fundemental (but good) changes going on I woke up yesterday feeling very ‘in between.’ I sort of pieced this together in my head then went into Lauries bedroom to borrow her little guitar and see if I could find some chords for it. Went for a swim for a couple of hours, came back and did this recording – Bam! – I love a quick turnaround!
Anyway as I can’t hear anything too awful about it – thought I’d stick it on here – what’s a blog for anyway?

I wash my face
I scratch my head
I shave my chin go back to bed
I am between

between decision and result
after the skid
before the crunch
I am between

what I am is pushing into something I could be
I cut the cord umbilicus
and now I’m falling free

between the hammer and the nail
it’s not a pass
it’s not a fail
I am between

between the spaces in the words
I’m strictly straight
and cryptic curved
I am between

what I am is pushing into something I could be
I cut the cord umbilicus
and now I’m falling free

I know completion is a lie
when something finishes it dies
we are between

but here between the earth and sky
to take a jump
and try to fly
we are between

what we are is pushing into something we could be
they cut the cord umbilicus
and now we’re falling free

we are between
we are between
one thing and another
one thing and another
we are between

can you feel the summer?

As you know, or maybe you don’t, I’ve been adding music to some documentaries over the last couple of years, I’ll get ’round to sticking up some Audio some time. I was asked to do this song which I’d kind of forgotten about and realised I like; so after trying to make it sound a bit better I did a Video this week in the garden, to give you a reason to listen in this yes! hot, hot heat, which I reliably predict will last until November; (or at least the school holidays) It’s OK – (the video I mean, the weather is definitely brilliant).

Winstanley Film

I’m just not paying you enough attention – I know! What can I say I’m busy. Done a lot of music, working on first Album (nearly there hopefully by the Summer) The Library Event which we did again bigger and better. That defiantly deserves a post of its own sometime. Also more commissions which is great! Just finished one an hour ago, and here’s one for a film about the Winstanley Estate which I recorded a song for. Haven’t seen it yet – let me know if it’s any good!!

loving this one at the moment + news

… just that really

great sound I won’t make comparisons -why can’t everyone be this good?

… also well you’re there I just got this e-mail:

Sherbet Dab is going to be on TV this Friday 9th February at 9pm. Then repeated the following week.

It will be on the channel “Together” (used to be The Community Channel)
– this is on Freeview 93, Sky 539, Virgin 269 and Freesat 164

So this will be around 60,000 to 100,000 more people will be watching their film!

I did the music for this film about London Cabbies – great to hear tele bought it!