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track 5: yellow guitar

Is it Summer yet?

well almost, and this song’s ready for you when it does arrive…

…doing the album was learning as I went, I kept adding things and then taking them off again because – in the end I hope this just sounds like someone singing to you late at night on the beach.

When I did my bit of travelling often people would wind up on a beach around a fire, and wherever I went they seemed to be playing the same handful of songs; so one of my tests for a good song is can you play it just with a guitar and a voice;  all the tunes on  this album can be sung that way and this one in particular is pretty good for it.

At first I didn’t rate it that highly because it came so quick, but straight away friends liked it,  and when I first played it live, a couple started kissing so I knew I was on to something, now I like it a lot, hope you do too …

here it is with the words :  https://vincentburke.bandcamp.com/track/yellow-guitar-3


can you feel the summer?

As you know, or maybe you don’t, I’ve been adding music to some documentaries over the last couple of years, I’ll get ’round to sticking up some Audio some time. I was asked to do this song which I’d kind of forgotten about and realised I like; so after trying to make it sound a bit better I did a Video this week in the garden, to give you a reason to listen in this yes! hot, hot heat, which I reliably predict will last until November; (or at least the school holidays) It’s OK – (the video I mean, the weather is definitely brilliant).