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Another Win!

Late Junction (Radio 3) played me again on Thursday!

Flattered as always to be on the undisputed best show on radio. That’s 4 different songs Max Reinhardt has played of mine now so over the moon really – although shouldn’t I be rolling in money by now?

“vincent burke South Londons wry singer-songwriter and chronicler of our times has been busy cooking up a demo to make sure the chocolate hearts (on Valentines day) are bitter sweet – can I just explain?”

link to Thursdays Late Junction:

the video:can I just explain?



…just to say great start to the new year being played on Late Junction Radio 3!

Last time my home recording sounded a bit weedy and I winced a bit, but this one seemed to come through pretty well.  I was in the bathroom when it  came on and the rest of the family rushed in to hear it – nice moment.

Thanks to Max Reinhardt there and Tom Robinson at Radio 6 for continuing to play my new songs. Let’s see if anything good emerges this year!

here she comes