Monthly Archives: May 2019

Oh Miss Jones!

I take a limited responsibility for this..

– In a dream an American woman was  pursuing a man around a glass table singing the ‘Can’t you see I like you?’ bit – when I woke up I filled in the rest.

Having accidentally wiped the hard drive of all music  and back ups  I thought I’d start fresh by doing something light, and it was fun to do, lots of harmonies, claps, clearing throats, whistling and  springs; it all got thrown in and most of it stuck.  It also has the added bonus of a bona fide chorus – in case you thought I couldn’t do them…

The video is cut up from a very serious 1950’s Film,  ‘Office Courtesy’ and a ‘Safety at Work’  film – I’m hoping I’ve stayed on the ironic side of saucy, but all complaints should be forwarded to my Mother.