Monthly Archives: January 2022

Happy New Year :-)

Hope you’re feeling OK so far…

The Main thing I want to tell you is the Opening Track from ‘A Conversation with Fate’ is now on Spotify. Just look up ‘Vincent Burke’ on Spotify and there I am looking like I know what I’m doing 🙂

It’s called ‘All good things will come to me’ and it’s next to a picture of this guy from the Video 🙂

… by the way did you see it? J. Buckley said it was “Strangely and uniquely brilliant” and he should know 🙂

here’s the Youtube link:

The whole Album will be on Spotify in a few Weeks – I’ll let you know when I do.

That’ll do for now – keep that rotation around the Sun going and I’ll see you soon.

oh and please tell your friends if you think they’ll like what I do …now that I’ve finally got round to doing stuff I’m proud of I want that little light to shine 🙂 Anyone can sign up via the Website and I’m always here at

See you soon!