Monthly Archives: November 2021

The Album Launch for “a conversation with fate”

“…they sound like classics to me” Max Reinhardt

a sweet and sour Masterpiece” JP Buckley

It was a great night! –

Thanks so much to everyone who came down. I just heard the playback and can hear your voices!

Thanks also to Max Reinhardt for giving over a massive part of the show to us. Hana and Paul sounded just great. Here’s the link which Morley have just released. You can hear us live about half an hour in.

After that there’s me and Max chatting which might be a bit toe curling for me to hear (I wonder what I said?) but he does play an awful lot of the Album, seven tracks including the long one at the end ‘totally curtains’ , and ‘Salad days’ which I’d kind of forgotten about but a lot of you commented on (in a good way).

The one he wanted to play but didn’t get around to was ‘Thank you,’ but then, it’s there on the Album if you want to hear it – (I’m cutting out smiley faces so you’ll have to guess when I’m joking)

After that we went to the pub, so the whole thing felt like a proper post-Covid night out.

Well, as you probably know that was the fun bit now lets see if I can flog a few copies 😉