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Streatham Strut 2020

This took ages!

Well it’s one song from something that took ages – I wanted to do something proper for the Festival because; well it’s good to be asked.

Hana came around (when that was still allowed),  Paul posted from his kitchen  and it came out pretty well; but then after fiddling for a week with those black boxes and sending it I got a copyright strike against myself and nearly broke the Festival ‘cos they couldn’t play not just us, but anyone.   Somehow we eventually fixed it and it all went out on time so who knows we may still be asked back next year.

This one is ‘Forward! to the Sun’  how we do it live and very different from the Video you might have seen with the dancing robots and all (what do you mean you haven’t seen that!)

There’s plenty more of the Live stuff so if you want more message me or I’ll forget.

Thanks Paul and Hana and see you soon :-)



big white boots

this song is the result of leaning over a fence in Wiltshire. having heard a very white opinion of the events of ‘Black Lives Matter’ I was left stewing over what a lot of white people feel and why; this was the result couple of days later

The recording was live in my front room.

If you do have any questions please feel free to comment; my intention is to understand different opinions so I can engage with them better.


Autobiograpical innit?

Wrote this in Nathaniel’s bedroom which may be why it become something about the 4 of us.

Last week in wet October me and Laurie, (or possibly Laurie and I) did the video, having gone through one phone and 2 cameras I finally figured out we could yank the computer about  on extension lead and do the stop motion like that. A lot of it worked pretty well and some of it didn’t but that all got cut!

it’s available at

and here are the words for the hard of hearing:


just no good
I can’t sing
I can’t chop wood
friends cast me out
but I’ve got1,2,3,4
something to be sure about
early combinations led me to a cold war
I’m in
I’m ready to begin
something to be sure about

can’t be found
all my hits
go underground
file them away
because I got

something to be sure about
early combinations led me to a cold war
I’m in
I’m ready to begin
something to be sure about

I didn’t know too much about the world before
I used to sit at home and observe the floor
I want more

so here I am
here’s my wife
here’s my pram
time slips away

but I got
something to be sure about
early combinations led me to a cold war
I’m in
I’m ready to begin
something to be sure about.


released October 29, 2019

Forward! to the Sun

ah technology

I was feeling a bit tired sat in the kitchen one night and let my mind wander; this happened and I liked it.

Recorded it over the last couple of weeks, there’s quite a lot going on in it; squeaking door, whistling, sitar and I laid a lot of harmonies on the end

I did the video over the past couple of days ( I mean if you could listen with headphones and without watching that’d be even better) if you are watching though see if you can guess some of the sources – enjoy!

forward to the sun


I am myself

there’s been nobody else

could stick a flag on me


but if you like

you can rock my world

maybe it’d be fun fun fun fun fun.


salt upon the sea

and diamonds on the beach

the sunlight hits your hair

the gods are unprepared

do do do do do do


don’t you wanna roam

into an ancient world

like a killer bee?


and let your sky fall in

maybe it’d be fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

salt upon the sea

and diamonds on the beach

the sunlight hits your hair

the gods are unprepared

do do do do do do


don’t you want to run?

stepping out of this world

with me

forward, to the sun!





Oh Miss Jones!

I take a limited responsibility for this..

– In a dream an American woman was  pursuing a man around a glass table singing the ‘Can’t you see I like you?’ bit – when I woke up I filled in the rest.

Having accidentally wiped the hard drive of all music  and back ups  I thought I’d start fresh by doing something light, and it was fun to do, lots of harmonies, claps, clearing throats, whistling and  springs; it all got thrown in and most of it stuck.  It also has the added bonus of a bona fide chorus – in case you thought I couldn’t do them…

The video is cut up from a very serious 1950’s Film,  ‘Office Courtesy’ and a ‘Safety at Work’  film – I’m hoping I’ve stayed on the ironic side of saucy, but all complaints should be forwarded to my Mother.

track 5: yellow guitar

Is it Summer yet?

well almost, and this song’s ready for you when it does arrive…

…doing the album was learning as I went, I kept adding things and then taking them off again because – in the end I hope this just sounds like someone singing to you late at night on the beach.

When I did my bit of travelling often people would wind up on a beach around a fire, and wherever I went they seemed to be playing the same handful of songs; so one of my tests for a good song is can you play it just with a guitar and a voice;  all the tunes on  this album can be sung that way and this one in particular is pretty good for it.

At first I didn’t rate it that highly because it came so quick, but straight away friends liked it,  and when I first played it live, a couple started kissing so I knew I was on to something, now I like it a lot, hope you do too …

here it is with the words :


track 4: can I just explain?


nice photo hu? (thanks Jonathan)

After the optimism of the previous ‘wedding’ song comes this,

a marriage gone sour.

It’s not my most popular, but it is one of my best –  both the lyric and the melody hit the spot for me and Late Junction on Radio 3 played it last year

(they’re in the process of being cut by the way, so sign the petition here if like me you want a place for adventure and experiment on the radio).

About the song though, I wanted to write something that used the things people really say as opposed to what gets said in songs. To that extent it’s kind of kitchen sink drama –  half a conversation, the male half, explaining  how his cheating was partly her fault – there is a level of irony 😉

I’m not talking about my marriage by the way (we’re still all good, honest!), but the fact this guy’s talking like an idiot doesn’t mean I don’t feel it when I sing it.

song and lyrics here!:


I’m not supposed to talk to you

in a break from banging on about the album:

here’s a thing I just wrote and recorded, and then did a video for singing at the computer  nice and quick (like it should be).  Actually there’s a lot you can do with a mac and one Halloween mask.

It’s a bit out of my usual zone (wherever that is) but I like it so maybe you will too –  Like I say I wrote it quick – like people I think songs are happiest when you let them take their own shape and stop bossing them around, and this one wanted to stretch it’s legs a bit.

Britney Spears has always been huge influence on me so here again you may note the reference to her ‘oops I did it again’ single from the year 2000 (that’s the bit at the end) and there’s a Shakespeare quote too ‘by the pricking of my thumbs’ by which I mean texting.

that’s probably enough wanna see the video?

…and if you want to download it’s here:

track 1: ready

Vince_CD_book_HIGH-2– this is me and my sister buried in the sand at bantham beach, devon quite a long time ago.

I thought ready made sense as track 1 – it’s quite fast and it starts with me very young

in a dream I used to have.

In the dream I’m on a swing; I swing forward and back as the frame gets bigger and bigger  until I’m sweeping forwards and back again over the roof of our house;

it keeps getting  bigger,

until I’m sweeping high up into clouds and down across whole counties.

I can feel the wind on my face and arms,

until I know I on the next downward sweep won’t be able to hang on any longer;

I grip tight to the chains but as I fly forward gripping, I’m catapulted away through the sky and …

I wake up.

well; I changed it to a bike but you get the idea, a boy wakes up in bed and wonders where he’s going…

the sound affects at the beginning are the bike running and taking flight away from the world. The rest is me looking around my room wondering what I will be, as the lights of cars sweep oblong shadows under my curtains and across the ceiling.

Actually the last time I ever had that dream,I fell from the sky and  bounced  into a big stack of hay

so that’s all right then; never had it again.

the track’s available via

or if you want the album with pictures and stuff,  e-mail me

next time track 2!