‘this is us now’

I had a week off and wrote 2 songs – (this is one of them)

I got the melody one day packing up to go camping – it was pouring with rain but we’re English.  By the time we got to a field outside Cheddar it was fine.  Next morning  the sun came out hot, everything slowed down and  I did the words for the second Verse (which make sense of what I already had) eating cornflakes and sitting in the mouth of the  tent.

Verse 1 – when we met

Verse 2 – where we are now

I hope it catches life as a string of valuable moments.

For the film I searched the computer for put  old camera clips  –  there were more than I could use of the children and almost none of me and Carol (I must change that) but it started to fit well so I wanted to finish it and show it to Carol, Nathaniel and Laurie on my birthday.  Carol liked it because she was in it (and looking foxy).

The 100’s of still shots near the end were taken by our friend Chris Porter. We did them in the back garden while I span us round as quick as I could in a borrowed computer chair (I took out the shots where we fell off).

I’ve had the tune stuck in my head ever since hope you like it too.

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