Reasons to be Cheerful #5: Stretching


Oh dear I had to look up how to spell it, – ‘stretching;’  – I’m not talking here about rigorous callisthenics or anything Joe Wickes might get up to. No this is the simple pleasure in an idle moment of rotating your ankles or, (if  you’re built that way) doing up your laces with straight legs.

If you do have time while the kettle’s boiling, work up from the feet,  I suggest travelling around your body to check it’s all still there  – that’s some amazing machinery, most of the time most of it’s working; and if that isn’t a reason to be cheerful what is?

…Ps Don’t force anything!  most good things happen slowly,  let yourself enjoy the feeling of those sinews gradually  stretching out; then run like hell to catch the bus.

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