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Call your Mother!

Something’s coming?   Something’s here!

I recorded this last Friday. Without over explaining the song is about uncovering good stuff when things break down. I just typed it out and right now despite some inaccurate Morse Code at the end I think it’s my best lyric.  It goes like this:

call your mother


if you took,

all the darkness in me

you could whittle it down to the shape of a key

it would fit,

in the red of the rock

and release all the lava  and stop all the clocks.


something’s coming,

distant drum, drum, drumming



call your mother.


If I swam,

to the depths of the sea

I would pull out the plug

just to see what I see

and the coral,

would rise up just like trees

as we struggled for breath

on our blistering knees,


something’s coming,

distant drum, drum, drumming



call your mother.


When the walls,

have all crashed to the ground,

When the trumpets have blown

When the sky has come down

I will stand,

and applaud to the sun

for the end of the world

could be something begun,


something’s coming,

distant drum, drum, drumming



call your mother.

dit dit dit dit dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit dit, etc

dot dot dot dit dit dit dash dash.


For the film I was lucky to find a great film on Creative Commons to chop up for my own ends.  If you’d like to see the original here it is (smile) https://youtu.be/QieZx_Elbb4

Please Share it if you like it!

Stay Well and speak very soon!


March Already?


How are you ? It’s been a while again but I’ve been busy honest.

There are a few things been going on, January we were in a theatre with the  Dance Company ‘Moving Stories,’ great to be asked and nice to be away from pubs for a while.  I know it was filmed so if I get the footage I’ll share it. Here we are nicely composed for the Show.

83889160_10156562995642130_4073802344549056512_n 2

The rest of the band can pretty much play anything so in February we took a side-step and   played Jazz, backing Lido Len on trumpet, I got to put down the guitar and croon those songs my Mum and Dad used to play – nice.  Here’s Len:


Mainly I’ve been recording the Second Album “Greatest Hits Vol. 2” which should be ready by the Summer, I’m one track away from having it all recorded, and I like it!!

Last for now our percussionist Jawad (above second from right) runs a Mens Mindfulness session at Balham Bowls Club (Monday nights if you fancy it) and asked for a jingle for his Upcoming Podcast so in lieu of a proper song here’s some nonsense for you until next time.  Stay well! Love




Autobiograpical innit?

Wrote this in Nathaniel’s bedroom which may be why it become something about the 4 of us.

Last week in wet October me and Laurie, (or possibly Laurie and I) did the video, having gone through one phone and 2 cameras I finally figured out we could yank the computer about  on extension lead and do the stop motion like that. A lot of it worked pretty well and some of it didn’t but that all got cut!

it’s available at https://vincentburke.bandcamp.com/track/1234

and here are the words for the hard of hearing:


just no good
I can’t sing
I can’t chop wood
friends cast me out
but I’ve got1,2,3,4
something to be sure about
early combinations led me to a cold war
I’m in
I’m ready to begin
something to be sure about

can’t be found
all my hits
go underground
file them away
because I got

something to be sure about
early combinations led me to a cold war
I’m in
I’m ready to begin
something to be sure about

I didn’t know too much about the world before
I used to sit at home and observe the floor
I want more

so here I am
here’s my wife
here’s my pram
time slips away

but I got
something to be sure about
early combinations led me to a cold war
I’m in
I’m ready to begin
something to be sure about.


released October 29, 2019

the truth about a woman and a man


Well! – this one happened the way I like it – no messing about

  1. Wrote the tune –  the words took a few days.

Originally after the Adam and Eve verse I had one for Samson and Delilah, and another one for Oedipus and his Mum, but I dropped the obvious humour, and kept it as ironic advice for a young man.

2. Figured out how to play it – Recorded it, and well I was walking around in time listening to the play-back I saw my feet in the mirror and had the idea for the video, so,

3. first sunny day Carol and I worked on the dance routine (and painted our toenails) and when the kids came home we recorded it, the memory was full on her phone so we only had one go at it. (I cut out the bits where I was out of time).

I think it looks nice and sunny, hey! have a good Summer!


you can download it here if you like it :-)


and the videos here!

track 4: can I just explain?


nice photo hu? (thanks Jonathan)

After the optimism of the previous ‘wedding’ song comes this,

a marriage gone sour.

It’s not my most popular, but it is one of my best –  both the lyric and the melody hit the spot for me and Late Junction on Radio 3 played it last year

(they’re in the process of being cut by the way, so sign the petition here if like me you want a place for adventure and experiment on the radio).


About the song though, I wanted to write something that used the things people really say as opposed to what gets said in songs. To that extent it’s kind of kitchen sink drama –  half a conversation, the male half, explaining  how his cheating was partly her fault – there is a level of irony 😉

I’m not talking about my marriage by the way (we’re still all good, honest!), but the fact this guy’s talking like an idiot doesn’t mean I don’t feel it when I sing it.

song and lyrics here!:   https://vincentburke.bandcamp.com/track/can-i-just-explain-2


track 3: on the event of…


I wrote this one for our wedding,

…or more probably, the words slipped in when that was filling my head; anyhow it was all finished for the day (which was by the way great).

In a way the song felt part of a new beginning too.  Having said goodbye to the band and the vague ambition of being on top of the pops a few years before, I realised I was still  writing music without any audience and I quite liked that; some people tinker around in sheds I was still messing about with songs, and when friends did finally start to hear them they tended to say they sounded more genuinely like me.    For a long time I couldn’t sing the lines,

‘…all the happiness that we can share

’til we look up from rocking chairs

at grown up children on the beach

and swapping smiles from each to each.’

without filling up a bit,

fortunately after a few listens Carol liked it too, even though, like nearly everything I make up, you can’t dance to it….

…well enjoy the picture of our feet anyway, here’s a link :-)





he paid to have himself murdered – from the album ‘over here in the trees’

ah –  track 2 from the album ‘he paid to have himself murdered’


it’s not autobiographical

if you want it to download and can’t wait for the whole album it’s here!  he paid to have himself murdered

or if you want to see a dodgy and distracting video for the hard of hearing https://www.powtoon.com/c/djcdJEIOXd7/2/m

(it’s not the youtube one – it’s different!)