Streatham Strut 2020

This took ages!

Well it’s one song from something that took ages – I wanted to do something proper for the Festival because; well it’s good to be asked.

Hana came around (when that was still allowed),  Paul posted from his kitchen  and it came out pretty well; but then after fiddling for a week with those black boxes and sending it I got a copyright strike against myself and nearly broke the Festival ‘cos they couldn’t play not just us, but anyone.   Somehow we eventually fixed it and it all went out on time so who knows we may still be asked back next year.

This one is ‘Forward! to the Sun’  how we do it live and very different from the Video you might have seen with the dancing robots and all (what do you mean you haven’t seen that!)

There’s plenty more of the Live stuff so if you want more message me or I’ll forget.

Thanks Paul and Hana and see you soon :-)



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